Purple, a powerful color born from the strength of red, and the integrity of blue. It is a color of the highest energy and vibration in the visible spectrum. Since ancient times, purple has mainly been associated with nobility, wealth, and extravagance across different cultures due to its rarity and the expense and effort required to produce it. It is also one of the rarest color found in nature. Perhaps it explains as to why is often attributed with mystery, the supernatural, the cosmos, of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

In a modern context, purple is a festive color, one that is associated with love and happiness. In contrast, it can also represent mourning and sadness. As an art collective, it is a perfect color to start the year with since it evokes creativity and imagination. We hope that you enjoy these creations from our artists!
Skull of an Unknown Demon by Alastair Temple and Grigori Shevtsov
Altered States of Perception by Julian Faylona
Ancient by Daniel Tatarinow
Aurora (Masr A'let Egypt Said) By Omar Elhawaty
Beyond Borders by Maxime Des Touches
Claim New Worlds II By Christian Hecker and Christian Grajewski
Corporate Shifts by Julian Faylona
Crimson Star by Maxime Des Touches
Emperor I by Grigori Shevtsov
Emperor II by Grigori Shevtsov
Emperor III by Grigori Shevtsov
Fallen Down by Anwar Mostafa
I’ve Seen Things by Christian Hecker
Kindness, Beauty and Truth Threatened by Sara Lu
MagiVision by Grigori Shevtsov
Metastatis by Jonathan Maurin
Nucleus by Daniel Tatarinow
Purple Bloom by Alastair Temple
Malanga by Kevin Philippe
Rescue by Jonathan Maurin
Solis Ortis by Daniel Tatarinow
Telyonadrome Relay by Julian Faylona and Alastair Temple
Blossom by Rhayven Jones
Desert Shell by Katie Borkin
Silver Dream by Dragoon DGN
Supernova by Alastair Temple
Ettore by Matteo Ascente
Astronomical by Katie Borkin
Blooming Love by Estelle Chomienne
Inverted Forest by Erik Schumacher
Rebirth by Ahmed Mostafa
The Offering by Stu Ballinger
Bricks of the Universe by Igor Vitkovskiy
Who You Calling (Cyber)Punk? by Alastair Temple
Demands by Yuya Takeda
The Kiss by Igor Vitkovskiy
Soul Shimmer by Stu Ballinger
Highlands by Ivann Ingz
Tracer by Stu Ballinger
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