Further expanding on my Sculpted series, previously including Shrouded & Saintlike, I wanted to develop the concept further, adding proper background work and moving to an actual lighting rig rather than relying on HDRi setups.

The obvious inspiration for the visual direction of this project was Klarens Malluta , who has an absolutely insane style I've wanted to reference for quite a while.

The sculpture used in this piece is "Apollo & Daphne" by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, currently housed at Galleria Borghese in Rome. 3D sculpt provided by Scan The World under the Creative Commons License. 

Project created in Cinema4D / Octane & Photoshop. 

Raw sculpture render & cloth assets, rendered separately and composited. 
Lighting breakdown, all accomplished with direct lighting, rather than relying on HDRI lighting like I usually would. 
Be sure to check out the previous pieces in my "Sculpted" series, Shrouded & Saintlike. 

Thank you for viewing :)
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