Space has always been cool to me. Some of my earliest work was following along with Photoshop tutorials to make space scenes and nebulae. I know I'm not some amazing space artist who can make photo-realistic asteroid belts and particle-perfect dust formations, but I figured i'd throw around some of my usual style to make something cool.
I hope you all like it!


Spheres are cool. Shaders always look good on them and lighting is simple and usually has nice results. I was jamming on some spheres in Octane and really liked a bunch of them and figured they could make nice looking planets in some weird psychedelic nebula somewhere. 
All of these shaders are standard bump and normal maps with a falloff node plugged into the film width channel to bring out some nice iridescence. 

This one is really simple. I made some weird abstract textures in Photoshop and imported them as height maps into Octane. After my normal lighting process they had given me some cool results. Someone on Twitter told me it looked gaseous so I decided to turn it into a background nebula.

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