It was about time that Grigori and I teamed up again on a new project.

We first worked together in 2012.
I was still in high school, had barely had Photoshop installed for 6 months and was pretty much bothering anybody who could teach me. I looked up to Grigori and he was infinitely patient in helping me learn. Chances are that I would have given up, but thanks to his guidance, I'm still here 8 years later. I always love putting together projects with Grigori, and there will definitely be many more. 

I always get comments requesting tutorials, insights into process and guidance in general. In this project, we have gone in-depth with the process, and hopefully it helps some of you. 

As usual, this project was created in Photoshop, Cinema4D & Octane Render

Viewport comp / texture breakdown
Fluid Sims

Grigori has written a guide outlining this iridescent texturing style.

Thank you for looking :)

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