A collection of abstract artworks based on space, crystals and flora.
Created to explore all the themes that I love in art, to go back to my roots and create something I wholeheartedly enjoy.

This project has been my main focus for the last 3 months. I've been trying to fight my growing negativity towards my art by making something purely self induglent, for nobodies enjoyment but my own.

Hopefully some of these pieces resonate with you.

Cinema4D / Octane / Photoshop / After Effects / Quixel Bridge

If it's your jam, these are available on OpenSea 

I - 24 Lightyears
Musical Inspiration : VOLA - 24 Lightyears
II - Dawn Broken
Musical Inspiration : Reso - Cloudfall
III - Raritanium
Musical Inspiration : Rustie - Glass Swords

IV - Eternal Blue
Musical Inspiration : Spiritbox - Eternal Blue

V -  The Monolithic
Musical Inspiration : Periphery - Satellites

VI - Destroy & Reclaim
Musical Inspiration : Asa & KOAN Sound - Starlite
VII - Fuschia Fireflies
Musical Inspiration : Sorrow - Lifedance

VIII - Mutant Heartbeat
Musical Inspiration : Culprate, Keota & sophie meiers - Mechanic Heartbeat
IX - Eclipse Sundown
Musical Inspiration : Vorso & Ekcle - Midnight Sun

X - Live & Die In Peace 
Musical Inspiration : Architects - Memento Mori 
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