Hi everyone.
I'm back with another statue related piece, this time in collaboration with my friend Evelyn.
I've been wanting to make a piece with them for a long time, and we finally got the time to pull this piece together.

I always enjoy working with other artists, I love seeing how everybody's approaches to techniques differ to my own. For example, I was always struck by Evelyn's approach to color grading. It was always significantly more muted than my own work, as I heavily lean on high saturation and vibrancy, but it was never less striking to view. They definitely have a more subtle touch than I do, and their work definitely gives me the urge to attempt something more toned down.

Please follow Evelyn's work on their Twitter or Instagram

The statue in this piece is "Statue of a woman, the so-called 'Pudicitia' type", a Roman statue of the Severan Period, currently house at the Statens Museum for Kunst. Scan data provided by ScanTheWorld under public domain license. 

Here's a few shots of my part of the project.
I usually prefer to do the 2nd part of collaborative projects, but in this case, I provided the base of the project. pictured below are the render fresh out of Octane and my first postworking pass before I sent it off to Evelyn. 

Here's a cool closing progress shot, thank you all for looking <3

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