For those that follow me on other social media, you would know that I create a lot of experimental pieces that almost never make it to Behance. 

Not because I don't like them, but usually because I feel like I don't have enough content to build into a full project (or just because sometimes I am a lazy person).

OFF / CUTS is intended to be a way to get my weird experiments and motion demos out into the wild. I hope you like them :)

Pieces in order: 
1. 24 Lightyears (Motion Demo)
2. Sentinel (Redux)
3. Live & Die In Piece (Motion)
4. Infinity
5. Kindred Spirit
6. Vagrant Soul
7.Stellar Fog
8. Opalescent
9. To The Stars
10. Warmheart

All art is made in Cinema4D / Octane / Photoshop / After Effects
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